The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more wellness care information available on the internet.

Mental Health Resources

The Crisis Clinic : 206-461-3222

Dr. John Bellavia  - The Cabrini Towers 206-623-0793
Dr. Havens - The Cabrini Towers 206-623-0793
Fred Davis (talk therapy and psychiatry) 
Lake Union Psychiatric Group 206-324-4500
Dr. Ileana Cailiniou  425-641-8492 

AOD Assessment and counseling:
Lole Dwinnell AOD counselor 206-281-1205
Mary Blackburn AOD assessment and counseling 425-451-0900 or 425-455-2080

Psychological Testing:
Psychologist at Children's Hospital:  J. Thome

EMFT Certified Couples Therapist:
Roy Hogdson Certified EMFT couples therapist 206-284-2276

Lakeside Milam AOD inpatient and outpatient 1-800-231-4303
Marijuana Anon 206-414-9270
Seattle Childrens 206-987-2028
Soldiers Project NW 206-290-1035
DAWN - Domestic  Abuse Women's Network 425-656-4305 or 206-622-1881
DVORA – Domestic Violence 206-461-3240
Jewish Family Services
Washington Coalition against Domestic Violence 206-389-2515
Sound Mental Health 206-302 2300
Valley Cities Community 206-939-4055

Psychological Testing for Child Assessment, evaluation and referral:
Dr. Skye Camphouse, Mindful Therapy Group: 206-319-4446
Elizabeth Smith 425-301-1816
Dr. Barola Bozenberg 425-454-3100
Patricia Oppenheim – Testing for schools, specialist also in Dysgraphia testing 425-562-1515
Mary Eioruio - ABCD Clinic 206-361-6884
Valerie Wall Psychological testing 206-325-5700
Les Rawlings Counseling:  Sex addiction specialist: 206-323-0905
Edmonds Childrens Clinic Encopresis  425-640-4337

Testing for Autism:
Dr. Skye Camphouse, Mindful Therapy Group: 206-319-4446
Dan Salzer 425-483-4136 Woodinville
Child and Family Law Center: Alison Warden 206-512-4519
Darrow Chan 425-827-3019 in Kirkland
Elizabeth Cassidy 425-889-0377 Redmond
The A star Clinic:  Gary Stobbe 206-332-1646 in Capitol Hill

Autism:  Books and Documentaries
Tony Atwood - Eating artichoke pretending to be normal
Asperger in love
The Oasis Website
Adam - the movie

The Gage Academy free art lessons etc.
The Hugo House free writing lessons etc. 
Art Instruction Schools: 3400 Technology Drive Minneapolis, MN 55418 Phone: 612-362-5072
A site for Seattle Teens
Jobs for Washington Graduates
Seattle Youth Employment Program

Books recommendations:
Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified: Robert O. Friedle, MD
Stop walking on Eggshells: Mason Kregew
Integrative Approach: Norm Weil – Spontaneous Happiness
Grief Therapy: Karen Katafiasz
How we love, how we love our children