Success Stories

Chiropractic Services with Seahurst Chiropractic

"My back condition has improved considerably over many years of treatment with Seahurst Chiropractic Clinic.  I have referred family & friends to Dr.Yael who have also been helped with adjustments.  I highly recommend Seahurst Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who has back problem symptoms for evaluation and treatment plan."  -S.H.

"It started with a chair massage, then a vehicle accident. As I was recovering, my chiropractor and my massage therapist started giving me exercises to do. As I got better and stronger they gave me more. I have gone from a 44 inch waist to a 38 inch waist. I can see my toes again and could touch them. Did not ever see me doing that. I have high triglycerides. I was given whole food tablets to take. My triglycerides came down almost 70 points. I am feeling better than I have for a long time."  -S.B.

"Seahurst Chiropractic has been an important aspect of my continuing good health for the past ten years.  Dr.  Kantor, a skilled and progressive doctor of chiropractic, brought me back to health and continues to keep me healthy through regular visits.  She performs effective treatments & teaches me methods I can use to maintain the good process from her treatments.  Seahurst Chiropractic continues to seek out new methodology to incorporate into their healing services. This shows their commitment & passion to heal people. This attitude is important to me."  -A.D.

"We found Seahurst Chiropractic and Dr.Yael Kantor in 2003.  She helped heal my husband when his back had 'gone out'.  Since that day she and her wonderful staff have continued to help and heal us.  She has endless knowledge and a unique way of finding a solution to reduce and eventually end our aches and pains.  Over the years we have had extra special treatment for our more severe cases of pain.  Dr.Kantor will always go 'the extra mile' to help you become pain free.  I recommend Seahurst Wellness Center and all the staff to anyone who has an interest in their wellbeing.  This is a marvelous facility for health and wellness."  -S.D.

"I have been to chiropractors before for my back and I have never felt that I was truly getting better until I came to Dr.Yael."  -K.W.

"If you're looking for a good chiropractor, I recommend seeing Dr.Yael Kantor at Seahurst Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Burien. I went for years (way too long) without a chiropractor because mine retired and I was reluctant to just pick one out of the phone book. I was in pretty bad shape. Then last year Dr.Yael was highly recommended by several people. I started seeing her in about October and she has literally changed my life. I'm eating better, moving better, and have more energy and motivation than I've had in years. I've also lost several pounds. She is a gentle, caring person who is all about helping people live a healthy and productive life. In her clinic she has created a warm and fun atmosphere. I love going there. Deciding to go see Dr.Yael was one of the best decisions I've ever made."  -M.R.

"I came to Seahurst Chiropractic to just see what they could do for m on my back. I did not realize how much more they would help me as they have. The staff is very friendly and I feel so much better emotionally and physically after coming here. I have told all my friends and family about them and highly recommend it. I love Seahurst Chiropractic!"  -J.J.

"Very good chiropractic care for the past 10 years."  -N.M.

"It's like walking into your home- Friendship, warmth, great advice- Very caring! Family! I always feel better after a visit! Physically & happy!  Thanks"  -K.B.

"My family has been seeing doctor Yael for 20 years now or longer. I consider her to be my main doctor. I go to my medical doctor only for annual exams. Chiropractic care has helped me through many conditions that if I didn't have chiropractic care I otherwise would have had surgery, and or been on pain medicine. All my children benefit from this care as well. My kids are 17 and 14 now and have had chiropractic since they were born. Never have they had infections, or any childhood illness other than a cold or flu. I am here today for lower back pain myself, one daughter neck headache, other daughter shoulder pain. I will be guaranteed that when we leave here we will feel better, and our conditions will not require any pain medicine. I could go on and on about chiropractic care. Thank you for making a difference in our wellness.  -H.J.

"Dr.Yael and her group have done a great job in helping me get better from a horrible car accident where my foot was broken. The staff is great and kind and helpful. I am still under care and getting better day by day."  -J.M.

"I have been seeing Dr.Yael Kantor for a year. When I came to her I could not stand up for more than 3 minutes without pain in my leg and back. I had sustained a long coming back injury. She has helped me with a total recovery of the back injury-lack of any pain and a series of maintenance to strengthen my core so that I can maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.  Her kind, loving, professional experience has been an incredible asset to my life. I would and have recommended her to friends and family."  -C.S.

"The staff is like a total family. Dr.Yael is always helpful and very concerned about all her patients. I would recommend the clinic to anyone."  -R.K.

"Ever since I started walking I would stand lopsided it would cause pain on my lower back and knees. I never got therapy for it until I came to Seahurst. I get adjusted by doctor Yael at least 3 times a week and it has improved my posture. I plan on coming in as much as possible it really helps. I recommend anyone with back or knee problems to come in and see doctor Yael, after your first visit you'll feel better than when you came in. It's well worth it."  -E.B.

"My regular Drs ignored my back pain. I was only 16 and of course there couldn't be a problem. With Dr.Kantor's help we found out I have congenital spinal stenosis affecting my entire spine. I am always in pain but with her help with adjustments, decompression table, massage, and exercise I have less pain and have more mobility."  -J.E.

"When I started seeing Dr.Yael I was in constant pain, low back and sciatica down the leg.  After utilizing her services including chiropractic adjustment, massage, decompression table, exercise and the sauna, I have no sciatica pain, rare back pain, I took ibuprofen 800mg 2 times a day every day - now I don't take any.  I workout in her exercise room twice a week and have adjustments about 2X a month now and feel good.  Her knowledge of health and nutrition are amazing."  -J.E.

"When I first came to Seahurst I was having a lot of pain in my knee and had difficulty walking. Dr.Y helped with the pain going away and in the first visit I felt the difference. I was capable of walking better and folding my knee more. Not only did she focus on my knee but in my lower back which now feels better and I can spend more time sitting down. I've been through many chiropractors and no other has helped me and made me feel better as Dr.Y. I really recommend her."  -L.M